Shop Around For Home Insurance

The National Consumer Agency have just published their latest home insurance comparison survey. The survey looked at seven sample consumers across the country and found that, you could make significant savings on your home insurance. Where all companies provided a quote, the average potential saving was €318. The research also found:

• Potential savings of up to €362 on the price of insurance for a 2-bed terraced house in Waterford City. The most expensive quote was €546, while the cheapest quote provided was for €184. The average quote for this profile was €278. (Profile 7).

• The biggest percentage difference in quotes provided, 341%, was in Dublin for contents cover only, of €26,000 for a 2-bed apartment. The most expensive quote was €389 and the cheapest quote was €88.  The average quote for this profile was €181. (Profile 2).

That’s why it’s important to insure your property with your local insurance brokers Keary Auctioneering & Insurances. At renewal we use our quotation system to shop around for the best quote for you. We will also help you review your cover to ensure that you have the most appropriate cover in place. Do you know the difference between reinstatement value and market value? do you need all risks cover? what is your policy excess? and do you understand what the averaging clause is? Talk to your local experts in home insurance if you need insurance advice. Keary Auctioneering & Insurances will recommend the most appropriate cover at the best price. 

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